Party Against People (That’s a Joke)

Originally, I decided to put inside the Wikia called Uncyclopedia. Then it was deleted. So I can use again.

The Party Against People (abbrev: PAP) has been Singapore’s ruling political party since 1959. It is the major party in Singapore, while there is another party that does not have as much power in the parliament, which is the Workers’ Party.

Since the 1963 general elections, the PAP has dominated Singapore’s parliamentary democracy and has been central to the city-state’s rapid political, social, and economic development.[3] However, it has been criticised for the passing of laws that suppress free speech and other civil liberties.[4][5] Another proof of its suppression of freedom of speech is how it got the Ministry of Health and Tan Tock Seng Hospital for firing Roy Ngerng because he had spoken against the Party Against People’s government ruling of CPF. If I get arrested for editing this article, this shows that the government of Singapore is nothing but a fascist regime that should be wiped off the Earth. Even Nazi Germany did a better job at handling their country before the war. DOWN WITH THE FASCISTS, DOWN WITH THE TYRANTS, LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE, LONG LIVE EQUALITY, LONG LIVE SOCIALISM! URA!

Dear Singaporeans, in 2016, make the right choice and vote for Opposition. Only then will the tyranny of Lee Hsien Loong and his cronies will end. For those who still insist on supporting the PAP, believing that they will provide a blessing to your life, why do you think that people are standing up to them. Why now? Why not before. Think about the foreigners who will be taking over our jobs, think of how little space the country will have left after foreigners take over, think of how you have to work to DEATH just to support yourself, think of whether the politicians deserve millions of dollars worth of tax-payers money for “leading the country”. Well, I guess that is all. Stay strong, keep calm and protest! I love you, Singapore!

Disclaimer: Since the Internet does not belong to the Government of Singapore and was created by citizens of the United States of America, I am hereby adhering to the First Amendment where freedom of speech is allowed. If anything were to happen to the editor of this article (which I will clean it up because I am a lovely person and because I can), I will file a lawsuit to the United Nations and the Washington Supreme Court of the United States of America for breaching Internet privacy which is a right to all human beings and breaching the First Amendment of the American Constitution. You have no right to snoop around our IP addresses and such, even if you are the government.


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